#BlogHer16 Connections Via Old School Twitter Lists? Yes!

#BlogHer16 Connections Via Old School Twitter Lists? Yes!

Last week I wrote about one great benefit that conference attendees receive once they register: admittance to the official "Going To BlogHer Annual Conference" Facebook group.


#BlogHer16 Connections Via Old School Twitter Lists? Yes!


We have found that connecting on social before arriving on site can take the conference experience from outstanding to the next level (Super outstanding? Sure, let's go with that!). We love hanging out on that next level, so our team is always looking for ways to facilitate those connections.

Another platform we use to get all of you together is Twitter. We're not using any new, fancy sub-tool, either; we're totally old-school with it. BlogHer uses Twitter lists strategically for every conference and lots of our company initiatives.

When I update the Facebook group with newly-registered attendees, I also check to see if a Twitter handle was provided at registration. If it was, I add that person to the list called "#BlogHer16 Attendees" (creative, right?).

The #BlogHer16 Attendees Twitter list is a great way not only to connect with other attendees (it's very easy to follow others directly from the list), but our sponsors can also get a preview of who's attending. If working with brands is a goal for you, I highly recommend including your Twitter handle at the time of registration.

Speaking of sponsors, I also create another Twitter list called "#BlogHer16 Sponsors" later in the spring. This list will provide an avenue for our attendees to reach out on their own to the brands in which they have the most interest.

If you have purchased your pass and didn't include your Twitter handle at the time of registration or you just haven't been added to the list yet, please email me at Melisa.Wells@SheKnows.com and I'll be happy to add you!

Get ready for your most connected conference experience *ever* by starting your social media mingling *now* - you'll be so glad you did!

Don't wait! #BlogHer16: Experts Among Us will take place from August 4-6, 2016, in Los Angeles, CA.

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