BlogHer14 Changed My Life So I May Now Help Change Others

BlogHer14 Changed My Life So I May Now Help Change Others

The BlogHer 10th Anniversary conference provided so many opportunities to be inspired. As a first-time attendee, I experienced a dizzying number of sessions from which to choose. On Friday afternoon, I decided to attend the session entitled Deep Blogging – Non-Profit Boards: How and Why to Join One. I’m still not sure why. But in my transition from practicing attorney to dedicated advocate, it felt right somehow. One of the session presenters was Samahope co-founder Shivani Patel, an organization with which I was unfamiliar. Little did I realize that it would soon become my mission to increase Samahope’s profile and reach.

Samahope is a crowdfunding platform that directly funds heroic doctors who provide life-changing medical treatments for women and children who can’t afford them.They are literally saving lives for what many spend on coffee. 2 billion people have no access to basic surgical care. Millions of them suffer from treatable medical conditions but lack the funds to undergo corrective surgery.Not only did this cause me to think about how overinflated medical costs are in the United States, but it also tugged at my heart to think of the brave doctors who volunteer their time and expertise to help others.

While I hadn’t done it much during conference sessions, I felt compelled to tweet. Just a simple update: “~@shivanigp is telling us about @Samahope that connects with doctors who give low-cost treatments that radically improve lives. #BlogHer14” That one tweet resulted in Shivani reaching out to me and the two of us making plans to talk soon about how I could get involved.

A few more tweets and a phone call later and I am proud to be Samahope’s newest Ambassador. As such, it is my honor to disseminate information about this important organization. Samahope’s mission is to close the “surgical gap” by enabling anyone, anywhere to fund doctors performing life-changing surgeries or medical treatments through the Internet. We connect individual donors to doctors who provide treatments in five high-impact, low-cost categories with a high return on investment: birth injuries, birth defects, burns, blindness, and trauma. Each of these categories are inexpensive and life changing, with the potential to impact over 100 million people.

One of the many things I like about Samahope is that 100% of your donation enables medical professionals like Dr. Robert to provide a life­changing surgery to a woman or child in need. For only $5 each month, donors can transforms lives by supporting medical professionals like Samahope’s Dr. Priscilla, who can heal women with birth injuries in rural Uganda, restoring their health and their dignity.­Spsb61cBy connecting donors directly with the doctors in the field, Samahope closes the gap between the donation and the impact it has on someone’s life. This model allows doctors to focus rightfully on their patients and those of us with limited or no medical background to provide our support with time and much-needed funds, at a comfortable level.

BlogHer, a conference I wasn’t even sure I would attend, has led me to begin the most fulfilling work I’ve done in over a decade. At Samahope, we are pursuing the goal of 1 Million medical treatments funded. 
 Since Samahope’s public launch in October 2012, almost 500 patients have now been fully funded, with over $200K raised in individual donations and a community of over 6000 individuals and donors. I’m committed to helping Samahope reach our goals for women and children worldwide.

To that end, you can check out What Is Samahope? below or my dedicated page  for information and updates.