BlogHer Is For Women. Not Just Some Women.

BlogHer Is For Women. Not Just Some Women.

You know, so many websites and conferences and literature and whatnot that welcome women of, how shall I put this, a 'certain age,' are very condescending even when they don't realize it. Yes, I'm over the hill forty (a LOT over), but I am not remotely interested in a website or conference that talks to me of Depends and AARP and declining vision and Alzheimer's and Ensure and velcro fasteners for my housedress and cell phones with one big button and ways to entertain the grandchildren and Big Band music and recipes for soft foods and electric grocery cart wheelchairs and great denture adhesives. I'm interested in writing and electronics and social media and marketing and books and makeup and purses and hanging out with friends and laughing out loud and eating in funky restaurants and navigating around  a new city and computers, all about computers. BlogHer does so many things just exactly right, and one of them is that it treats all of us the same. There are BlogHers from 18 to 80, and everybody does whatever she wants most to do. Mixed groups? I'll say! Isn't that how the world really is?

Remembering this and more, my heart is broken since I can't attend BlogHer14.  I haven't missed a BlogHer in years, but the airline fees have defeated me this time.

So, those of you lucky enough to get to go anyway: have a wonderful time.  Hang out with people of all ages.  Explore.  Talk to strangers.  Try new things.  Experience as many things as possible.  Learn stuff.  Share stuff.  Sit with different people every time.  Offer to hold babies so mothers can eat.  Don't run off with the babies.  Ask questions.  Participate.

Don't just go for the swag.  That's cheap.  Go for the experience and the people.  That's invaluable.

Go for me.  




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