BlogHer Reads "The Hobbit"

BlogHer Reads "The Hobbit"

In just three weeks Peter Jackson will be bringing Middle-Earth back to the big screen with the release of The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey. I am sure I am not the only one excited about this! Going to the theatre to see The Lord of the Rings movies are some of my happiest memories. I even risked being late for a history exam in order to see the media screening of The Fellowship of the Ring. Before seeing any of them in the theatre I would reread the books and I have every intention of doing that for The Hobbit. I'm hoping that you all will join me!

I've only read The Hobbit once. I believe it may have been the only book I read for fun during my first semester of university. I know that I had picked it up at a second-hand bookstore. I didn't read a lot of fantasy in my teens and I think I was really only reading it because the guy I was dating at the time kept talking about it. In the midst of all the craziness that is dorm living it was nice to be able to take a little break and get away from it all with a visit to Middle-Earth.


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I have, perhaps, left my reread a wee bit late. The Hobbit hits the big screen three weeks from today. My copy of The Hobbit is 285 pages. I'll need to read 95 pages a week -- or about 14 pages per day -- in order to have it read by the film release day. It's totally doable but I know myself and I'll just keep procrastinating until a few days before the release. I'm hoping that you all will help me stay on track by joining me in weekly discussions about The Hobbit. I'll be coming back every Friday to discuss a section of the book and I'm hoping you'll jump into the commends and read along with me.

This is how I've planned to split up the book over the next three weeks:

November 30: Chapters 1-6 (end of Out of the Frying-pan into the Fire)

December 7: Chapters 7-11 (end of On the Doorstep)

December 14: Movie release day! Chapter 12 to the end of the book!

Will you join me for an adventure in Middle-Earth?

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