BlogHer PRO Interviews: Becoming a Sales Person

BlogHer PRO Interviews: Becoming a Sales Person

BlogHer PROAs we continue to pump you up for BlogHer PRO by bringing you interviews with our speakers, we turn to a very important point: As a professional blogger you’re not just a Chief Marketing Officer for your personal brand, you are also a sales person. If that thought makes you nervous, you might want to hit the Sales & Marketing Track, Life of a Sale panel. I asked the speakers one question to give you a taste of what you might expect:

How did you learn the process/art of being a salesperson?

Deb Rox of Platform Unlimited takes us back with her story.

I learned about sales when I was editor of my high school yearbook. I was a true believer: "Yearbooks are forever! We are documenting our history!" Ads helped us buy extra Letraset (old school) sheets, more film (yep, film!) and cheese popcorn for late night deadlines, so I hustled. Sales were easy, because I truly believed area businesses should support our AMAZING yearbook. It was a great lesson in loving what you sell and being willing to cold call to educate targets about your opportunity.

Panel moderator Beth Blecherman of TechMamas shares how she got her selling process down.

I wrote "My Parent Plan" to explain how to use professional project planning concepts for planning family schedules. I was inspired by my years of managing technical projects where I learned the key to selling yourself or a project to others is to have a plan. A plan helps you sell everything from work to a client to extra math practice your kids need to do to earn their allowance! But somehow selling to clients has always been easier then selling extra math practice to my kids.

Also speaking on this panel will be Ana Lydia Ochoa of Latina Lifestyle Bloggers and Teneshia Jackson WarnerEgami Consulting Group. This session takes place during the second breakout timeslot at 1:00pm on the 13th. If you need some inspiration and great takeaway tips for getting your sale on, you won't want to miss this panel!

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