What's Your Favorite Blogged Recipe?

What's Your Favorite Blogged Recipe?

It is always the highlight of my work week to bring you bite-sized interviews with our speakers. With BlogHer Food '12 looming one month and one week away, I really wanted to take the time to ask a couple of our speakers a question that I always ask food bloggers:

What's your favorite blogged recipe?

I find it so interesting to hear their wide and varied answers. I also ask it because I like to make new things, and who better to ask for a recipe than a food blogger! As such, for our BlogHer Food Bites this week, I have asked two speakers to share their favorites. Their answers are simply awesome.

First I asked Tori Avey of The Shiksa in the Kitchen my favorite question. She will be speaking with a great panel on Day 2 about Telling Your Own Stories, and the Stories of Those At Your Table. Her answer, as you might suspect, has a recipe with a story!

My favorite blogged recipe? That's a very tough decision! Each of my recipes is interwoven with a story, and those stories become like my friends; each one is near and dear to my heart. While it's difficult to single out just one post, I am particularly proud of my Pretzel Challah. Mastering the pretzel technique and refining the recipe took quite a bit of time and effort. I was able to work the history of pretzels into the post too! I'm a food history nerd, so I love researching the roots of the dishes I cook. The recipe produces a soft, lightly sweet and fluffy challah with a salty pretzel exterior. It's a labor intensive recipe, but the result is totally worth it. I love salt, so it's my favorite kind of treat!

Pretzel Challah, Tori Avey
Photo Credit: Tori Avey.

My favorite treats are also those with salt, so this just went on my Must Make List. You can follow Tori on twitter and Facebook.

April Peveteaux of Gluten Is My Bitch not only has a fun blog title, but she's speaking on Day 1 about Humor's Place in Food Blogging. To add to the fun, her favorite blogged recipe? Hits the fun out of the park!

My favorite recipe in my whole big blog world is Gluten-Free Deep Fried Kool-Aid. I heard about the State Fair treat, and hungered for the days of willy-nilly deep-fried snacking on the midway. And it gave me a good excuse to bust out the fryer.

Yeah, we'll be doing that this summer! You can also follow April on twitter and the Gluten Is My Bitch Facebook page.

I encourage you to do what I do and ask food bloggers that you meet -- either at BlogHer Food or out and about -- what their favorite blogged recipe is; I bet you'll learn a lot and get to try some fun new things!

Don't forget that you can still register for BlogHer Food in Seattle this June 8-9! We'd love to have you -- and hear more about your favorite blogged recipe. In the mean time, why don't you share with us what your favorite recipe is; we'd love to know!


Family & Events Section Editor Jenna Hatfield (@FireMom) blogs at Stop, Drop and Blog and The Chronicles of Munchkin Land. She is an editor, writer and photographer.


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