BlogHer Food '13 Closing Keynote - Roots: Readings from the New BlogHer Food Community Anthology

BlogHer Food '13 Closing Keynote - Roots: Readings from the New BlogHer Food Community Anthology

After two full days of serious blogging business, we are excited to announce the closing keynote at BlogHer Food -- a celebration of the stories behind the meals, an exploration of food’s rich interconnection with culture, memory and discovery. Five members of the BlogHer community will take the stage to read their pieces aloud for conference attendees, as part of the launch of BlogHer's latest community anthology, Roots: Where Food Comes From and Where It Takes Us.

The Roots anthology includes 36 deeply personal essays, ranging from family history, local lore and tantalizing stories of worlds newly discovered through food. We welcome five of those writers, photographers, and recipe creators to the main stage to close BlogHer Food '13 in their own words, sharing their own food memories and discoveries. This taste-of-home closing keynote includes pieces from:

BlogHer Food '13 Roots Keynote

For more information about the Roots eBook Anthology, read today's press release or check out BlogHer's Rita Arens' post about the anthology here on You can also pre-order Roots: Where Food Comes From and Where It Takes Us. To discover which pieces the keynote readers will share on Saturday, grab a ticket to BlogHer Food '13 here and join us in Austin!


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