Blogher 2013- For Crap Sakes Pull Up Your Dress

Blogher 2013- For Crap Sakes Pull Up Your Dress

Over the past three years since I started writing here, I have seen bloggers attending these things called conferences.
Where bloggers meet other bloggers.
And take lots of pictures on Instagram.
Of their cute outfits.
This is what I thought blogging conferences consisted of.
Just getting Starbucks, tweeting activities and dressing really cute.
And wearing lots and lots of chevron.
So this is the expectation I had going into my first blogging conference called Blogher '13.
And was kind of the reason I didn't even want to go in the first place.

I didn't take it seriously until this past December when I met up with 30 or so Chicago area bloggers in the city for a cool blogging event.
Because for a long time I was afraid of meeting bloggers in person.
I had heard horror stories of meeting these "amazing" people you loved to read and banter with online only to realize that they really are "amazing".
Only on paper.
Or in our case, on a computer screen.
But when I really did meet some amazing people in December, it got less scary.
Three of whom became good friends Melisa, Marianne and Jeanette.
I literally went home and bought my ticket to Blogher that week.

Jeanette and I after meeting in December 2012.

So as not to get too long winded let me tell you how I ended up meeting my roomies.
Melisa, my new friend, told me in the cab ride we shared to the hotel that I totally needed to go to Blogher.
And that I totally needed to get roomies.
And that she was in the fetal position crying on the last night because she had so much fun with her friends there.
I laughed about it but thought in my mind, no way will that be me.
Because here is the thing, as much as I love my female friends, I have never been one of "those" girls who has HUGE groups of girl friends and loves spending massive amounts of time with them.
Large groups of females get on my nerves.
I just don't do well with that whole dynamic.
So me crying on a bed or being sad to say goodbye was NOT gonna be a problem for me.

First meeting of the amazing Tracey Becker and Marianne.
December 2012

Fast forward one month to a fateful lunch on an unseasonably warm late January day.
Melisa brought together a group of women for lunch under the ruse that we all needed to meet each other.
This you need to know:
The night before this lunch, I had an old "friend" tell me that she was not inviting me to her upcoming wedding.
A "friend" who stood up in my wedding.
A "friend" who I thought was still a part of my life.
I spent that night crying and even thought of cancelling said lunch.

I met two of my roommates and forever friends the next day at that lunch.
Jennifer and Shannon.
In case I forget, thank you Melisa.
And I fell in love with them instantly.
I had two friendships over two months completely dissolve before my eyes.
Then by fate, these four women made their way into my life.
I don't think so.

So over the course of six months we (Marianne, Jeanette, Jen, Shannon and I) spent hours texting about our favorite side of the bed, messaging on Facebook about what kind of pranks we were gonna pull and tweeting little jokes only we knew.
Basically, we bonded.
And established rules.
For our room.
I can't remember most of said rules but there is one I feel inclined to talk about.
Rule #1.
No pooping in the room.
Or "emptying our bowels" as Jeanette puts it.
This will play out in importance later on.

The week of Blogher, I was excited!
I got my nails did!
Both my feet AND my hands!
I was getting stuff checked off my to do list like a boss!

Then I got my period.
Da da dummmmm....
Its OK!
I still had five days until Blogher.
I would be less of an emotional mess in five days!

Then I got the nervous poops.
Da da dummmmmmm....
This was NOT gonna bode well for the whole "no pooping in our room" rule.
Its OK!
I just need to eat less fiber and more cheese.
I still had three days til Blogher.
I would be less of a digestive mess in three days!

Then Ellie got a tick.
On her head.
Da da dummmmmm....
Its OK!
We just need tweezers and Neosporin.
I still had a day until Blogher.
I would be less of an emotional wreck in a day!

On the day of, I was way nervous.
Like I even turned classical music on my iPod all morning.
And stuffed my face full of food all day.
Because my secret plan was to not eat for three days.
As not to break rule #1.
And forgo pooping for three solid days.


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