The BlogHer '08 schedule is coming together...check it out

The BlogHer '08 schedule is coming together...check it out

Bit by bit, session by session, the BlogHer '08 Conference Agenda is being revealed. Check out the link, and make sure to scroll or click your way down to see the detailed descriptions, not just the session titles.

There are now five tracks:
Who We Are
What We Do
What We Believe
How We Communicate Who We Are, What We Do and What We Believe (aka the tech track)
And (drum roll please) we decided to add a MommyBlogging track!

I know that we all find ourselves torn between which sessions to attend (the most famous incident being when I schedule our own Denise to speak opposite a session featuring one of her heroes, Susie Bright...she will not let me forget it to this day!) So we briefly considered having fewer tracks, but when the ideas, recommendations, suggestions and submissions started flooding in, we threw that idea out and instead added another track!

Some sample sessions:

In the Who We Are track: We're kicking it off talking about an all-too-common topic, Introversion, Blogging and BlogHer. If the thought of walking into a room filled with hundreds of other bloggers makes your palms sweat and your heart pound, you are NOT alone, and we'll talk about why introversion and blogging go so well together, and about coping mechanisms to make the most of an event like BlogHer.

In the What We Do track: Last year's Blog to Book panel generated a ton of interest, so we're going back for Blog to Book Redux, featuring new authors, agents and publishers with new stories to tell.

In the What We Believe track: We have two absolute experts on hand to demystify Top-notch Political Opinion Writing. Whether you're getting your word out in comments, on your own blog...or shooting for the Op-Ed pages, this session is for you.

In the How We Communicate track: We've already got an online conversation going on debating what the Photography session should focus on. Get your vote in.

In the MommyBlogging track: We'll close this track with a session simply entitled When the Road To Motherhood Is Anything But Smooth, featuring some very powerful Infertility, Adoption and Miscarriage bloggers.

That's just a tiny taste of what every track is delivering. I encourage you to review the entire agenda and start planning the BlogHer Conference that is right for you.

Finally, you will notice a couple of things:

1. Not every session is listed yet
2. Not every session that is listed has a full roster of speakers.

Yes, I'm still working on it, and if you've emailed me an idea, recommendation or submission in the last 2 months and haven't heard back you can feel free to ping me again.

ETA for getting this all sewed up is by the end of April, so as they say: watch this space.


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