Is Blogging Really "Writing?"

Is Blogging Really "Writing?"

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No really, I'm asking you. Obviously I know that what we bloggers do is writing. But I'm wondering whether or not you consider it Writing, with a capital 'w'. I consider myself to be many things- mother, wife, daughter, sister, friend, teacher, student, translator...and just recently I have allowed myself to add 'blogger' to that list. I was just an occasional ranter for a while there, when I began this blog at the beginning of my maternity leave from my studies earlier this year. It was a place to vent, a journal, a hobby. Just for myself and friends and family- I never really imagined that other people would want to read my random musings. Turns out, they do. And I am surprised and flattered at the same time, though not entirely sure what that means. If 'outside' people read what I write, does that make me a Writer?

I'm not convinced. A blogger, yes. It's not that I'm not literally writing, because clearly I am. But just because my ramblings appeal to some wonderful people, does that make them (my ramblings)'worthy' of earning me the title of Writer? Recently, I've been pleasantly surprised to receive 3 different GBE2 blogging awards: The Liebster Blog Award, The "Tell Me About Yourself Award, and The Versatile Blogger Award, all bestowed upon me by lovely women who, in my opinion, actually qualify as writers.

I suppose it boils down to one's frame of reference. I don't know any other bloggers personally. Well, sort of. My eldest sister has had a super-secret blog for years, whose url she guards with her life, even going so far as to write under a pseudonym. She most likely writes about all the exciting, juicy parts of her life that she doesn't want her family to know about- but really? She could write about hairstyling tips for all I know. And she's the only one I know personally who blogs. When my new friends in the computer awarded me with these honours recently, I became all excited. I know that they're the equivalent of a pat on the back (Ian very helpfully offered up the analogy of participation ribbons given out at Track and Field Day-thanks for the support, Muffin), but still- it was, in each case, someone I didn't know validating my writing. They didn't find the link through my Facebook profile. That has to mean something, right?

I'm not fishing for compliments, people. I'm not asking about my writing specifically, because that's something I do for myself and will continue to do for myself, regardless of what others think of it. What I'm wondering about is the overarching question- is blogging Writing? I'd love to know your thoughts on the matter.

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