Our Blogs Could Become the Great American Novel

Our Blogs Could Become the Great American Novel

Do I think I'll still be blogging 10 years from now?


It's hard to believe that I started this blog 8 years ago already. It's amazing how the digital landscape, and in turn our communications behavior, has changed since 2006.

When I started blogging, social media was still in its infancy. There was no Facebook, Twitter, Google +, Instagram, or Pinterest, just to name a few. If someone had something to say, they sent emails or snail mail or (a company) would send out a press release and communicate through TV, print, or online banner ads. But things have changed, and as consumers of media and products, we've evolved and changed our behavior as well.

My blog has certainly evolved. It started out as an analysis of how the advancements of technology affect our culture and communications, which is a bit of a mouthful to try and blog about daily. I still discuss that to some extent, but as I've grown and changed, my blog has grown and changed with me.

I've become a wife, a mother, and a breast cancer survivor. My blog reflects the ongoing search for balance, fun, and strength/meaning, among all three constants... while still consuming copious amounts of pop culture and technology (and, of course, the obligatory cocktail or two).

The late, great, legendary rocker Lou Reed once described his body of work as the "great American novel." As he looked back on his career of almost 50 years in music, he said each album could be seen as a chapter in his novel. I'd like to think that if I keep at this for another 40 years, my blog will become that too -- the Great American Novel.


Image: Sarah Stierch via Flickr

My daughters and future grandchildren will read this and look back at the good ole days, when life was simple and people communicated through Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.  Back when moms spent hours posting silly inspirational ways to organize their house or DIY crafts on this thing called Pinterest. We'll all look back and smile and laugh about how much the world has changed, but we'll all be able to agree that our values and ideals are still the same.

Cheers to: family, love, martinis, and blogging for helping us toast it all.

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