Lesson Learned: Bloggers, Pay Attention When Selecting Images and Make Sure You Have Permission to Use Them

Lesson Learned: Bloggers, Pay Attention When Selecting Images and Make Sure You Have Permission to Use Them

Not interested in the paying route?  Then take your own photos, create your own art, or search for work that is in the creativecommons public domain.  However, be sure the images you choose are indeed free to use and always include a credit exactly as the creator has listed it.

Remember, the burden is on the user.  If you are unsure, then err on the side of caution.

These are my suggestions, and I encourage readers to leave comments with their own experiences as well as links to acquiring legal images.

Now, here is what Marian wants to share:

“Nancy is a sensitive person who has learned from her experience. She has graciously offered to help educate internet users about copyright issues and to spread the word about the damage and hurt that creative infringement causes, even if it is unintentional. Users, please think before you take an image from the internet. Remember, SOMEONE created that artwork, and if you can’t find the source to ask permission, DON’T USE IT! It is not flattering when someone takes your artwork and posts it without credit and without your permission. It is painful, and you will wake up in the middle of the night knowing that the integrity of your artwork, your creation has been compromised. Thank you, Nancy, for caring.” Marian Osher

Please see Marian’s awesome work at these links and learn more about copyright infringement:

The good news in all of this is that I now have a new friend, and her name is Marian Osher.  My story had a good ending.  However, I’m well aware the situation could have taken a much different turn.
My final admonishment to bloggers and others: Don’t do what I did.  The next time you get ready to hit the publish button, make sure you know where the images came from and that you are using them legally.

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