5 Rules for a Successful Vlog (or Blog!)

5 Rules for a Successful Vlog (or Blog!)

Bloggers know that there are certain "rules" to blogging that lead to increased traffic and interaction with readers.  Yet sometimes, when making that additional step to becoming a vlogger, we forget that the same rules apply. Creating a YouTube channel and simply posting videos won't bring you the traffic you desire any more than creating content and posting it without any interaction or promotion will work for your blog.

Taking the same rules we apply to blogging will not only increase your channel’s views and shares but your subscribers as well, which in turn increases your channel’s impact with brands. How? Let me share a few ways with you.


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Rule One: Subscribe

What do we all do when we come across a blog that we know we want to keep up with and never miss a post from? Subscribe. We subscribe to their site by email, newsletter, or RSS feed.  However we do it, we make sure that we know when that blogger posts. By doing this, we let that blogger know "I like you and what you are doing," and this makes that blogger that much more likely to keep writing as well as return the love.

The same applies to being a vlogger. Be active. Subscribe to fellow vloggers' channels. You will see their newest videos on your "What To Watch" list, and you will have the opportunity to know what is going on with them. This will also let that vlogger know that you want to get to know them as a vlogger and what their channel has to offer you as a viewer. In turn, they may return to your site and offer you the same subscriber support.

Rule Two: Watch

The same way that you read your favorite blogger's posts faithfully, you should watch your favorite vlogger's videos. By watching their videos, you not only give their channel additional views but you get to know them as a vlogger, a person, and a brand the same way reading a fellow blogger’s content allows you to get to know them as a writer and their site as a brand.

Just as a blogger’s site thrives from views and engagement, a vlogger’s channel is impacted greatly by the amount of views they have. Views mean that people are watching. People watching means their influence has increased, and it encourages them to make another video.

Rule Three: Comment

Did you know you can comment directly on a YouTube vlog as you would on a blog post?  You can and you should. I know as bloggers that we all love when we get those comment notifications because it means that what we wrote had an impact. The person reading it had a reaction and was kind enough to share it with us. They are offering us feedback that can help improve and encourage our future content.

Commenting on a video does the same thing. When you leave a comment on a vlogger’s video, you let them know that what they said meant something and that you could either relate or it reached you in some way. Your video comments help a vlogger understand what they may need to change, adjust,  or keep the same for future videos. In all situations, your comments are valuable!

Rule Four: Support, Share, and Promote

What’s the first thing you do after you read a post you like? Share it. Pin, Tweet, Facebook, Google+:  whichever you choose you get the word out and state to your followers, “This is great content, and I think you should check it out too!”

You can do the same thing for your favorite vlogger’s video. Just as a blog has share buttons,  YouTube offers a convenient way for you to share a video on many different social media networks with one simple click. Doing this will offer that vlogger the same support that you give bloggers everyday.

Don’t let your channel rely solely on your viewers doing the promotional work.  Just as you share and promote your blog posts, you should schedule the same attention to your vlog content as well.

Rule Five: Be Consistent

Bloggers know that staying present with their readers is essential to maintaining their support and turning them into followers. An occasional reader may visit your site every once in a while to see what you’re up to, but a follower looks forward to all of your content and reads all your posts. By establishing a regular posting schedule, you give them something to rely on.

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