Blog Organization, Social Media, etc.

Blog Organization, Social Media, etc.


Okay, so it's now past the first week of January, and my blog organizing ideas have not gone as planned.  I've downloaded a bazillion super cute Blog Planner pages, but I've done nothing with them...  That's not actually true, I have written on some in pretty much the same way I would a piece of notebook paper or a large sticky note.  I can't decide exactly what I need in a Blog Planner, but I found many that are FREE!  You can find them  hereherehereherehere and here.  Many of these planners have unique features and I think you'll find one you like.  (When you find the perfectone for me, please send it along with a personal assistant.)  You can see each of these planners (and lots more!) on my "e-learning" board on Pinterest.  Check it out...


Here's other things I've done to organize my blogging life

1. I have tried to link up to blog hops and linkies each day and have concentrated on building up my Google + following.  I want to really utilize Google + more efficiently and have recently increased my peeps by 100.  You will find the blog hops and link ups I frequent here and a blog that explains blog hops and linky parties here.

2. I've pinned many more of the great blog posts that I read from daily blog hops/linkies to my e-learningparentingeducation and children boards on Pinterest.  I try to also comment on these posts.  My Pinterest pinning is linked to my Twitter account, so whatever I have pinned gets tweeted out.

3. I updated my profile and blogging statistics on places like Sverve.  I needed to do that because my stats had (happily) increased by over 200.  I think a monthly stat/profile update would be very beneficial.


4.  I have been a guest blogger.  You can read my guest post here.  If  you haven't been a guest blogger on someone else's website, you should give it a try.  I really like how Michelle over at MaMade Diaries begins the guest post with her own reflection.

5. I have reached out to other bloggers for guest posting opportunities. Although I now have a "Guest Bloggers" page on my website where people may sign up for guest blogging, I didn't at the time and just sent bloggers Facebook  messages if I was interested in them doing a guest post.

Well, that's what I've been working on lately.  How is your blogging life going?  If you have any blog/social media organizing tips for me, please feel free to leave them in the comments!



Bonnie L. Frank

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