This Blog Isn’t Quite Dead Yet.

This Blog Isn’t Quite Dead Yet.

I decided to take a break from writing this blog. The short time period turned into a three to four month long break.  This was not exactly what I planned.

The break was for an introspective of me and my goals.   I was discouraged.  I had three blog posts published on, but no increase in subscribers.  My friends were posting Pins or pages based on the same subjects that I had already written about and they weren't my pages or my pins.  I was watching as bloggers with newer blogs get far more subscribers and views than I have in nearly 3 years.  I just wasn't sure if what I was writing about was relevant or interesting with the glut of blogs based on frugal living out there.  I truly wasn't sure if I would ever write another blog again.

I took the time off after we came back from New Orleans.  I never even completed the series about the trip.  I don't think anyone even noticed.  No pity party, just one more nail in the coffin of my blog.

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