Dear Internet People: Stop Being So Gullible

Dear Internet People: Stop Being So Gullible

Is being gullible a requirement to being an American citizen?


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I find so many people throughout my life, on the internet, and in films/television that believe anything they are told. Does nobody do their research anymore? With the availability of the internet, it is so easy to find out if facts are correct! But then again, the internet is also where people are getting their incorrect information.

Today, my littler sister sent me a SnapChat that said, "Did you know dork means a whale's penis?" No, sweetheart, it does not. This is a fact that, I presume, was created by a teenager and has spread like wildfire all over the internet. When I was a kid (which was not that long ago at all), kids said that "dork" really meant "an infected hair on an elephant's butt." This new definition of "dork" is a bit of an upgrade, if you ask me. The point, however, is not the false meaning of the word "dork," the point is: Since when did we just believe everything people tell us? My sister truly believed that this definition was true; she didn't bother to look it up at all! It doesn't take much research to see that a whale's genitalia is never mentioned in the definition of the word "dork.".

Yesterday I was watching a movie on the television where two escaped convicts were pretending to be pageant coordinators. One said, "He's one of only four in the country." The woman he was speaking to believed him, without giving it a second thought.

Then there is "them." You know who "they" are, right? The ones who always tell us what to think, believe in, what to do and not to do, what is advised or ill-advised? I always hear from my mother, "Well THEY say ... " But who are "they," and why do we have to follow everything that they tell us?!

I guess what I'm trying to get at is this: Stop being so gullible. Stop believing everything that someone tells you, because they could just be pulling your leg. Do some research when someone tells you something! In fact, go grab a dictionary and look up the word "dork." Maybe I'm the one lying to you, and it really is  defined as a whale's sex organ. But whether I am telling you the truth or not, at least you will know for sure what the truth is.

It scares me to think of all of these people who are so trusting. It's good to trust people, but we need to know where the limits are. I fear for the gullible teenager girls who will believe the boy who says, "You can't get pregnant the first time you have sex. Or when you do it in a hot tub. Or if you do jumping jacks afterwards." I fear for the older generation who are getting phone calls from customer service personnel (who really aren't customer service personnel) and then having all of their savings stolen out from under them. How about the parents who believe a man who falsified his research and now their children aren't getting vaccinated? I just hope that for the sake of everyone out there that one of two things happens: people become more truthful, or those listening to the lies will research what they are being told.

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