Blister-Proofing Bunions with Snake-Deterrent Injinji Toe Socks

Blister-Proofing Bunions with Snake-Deterrent Injinji Toe Socks

I will admit I have butt-ugly bunion-laden feet.  And I love toe socks. Wait. I said that like you’re interrogating me under the hot lights and I’m finally willing to tell you all about my deformed feet and love of toe socks. I’m such a running geek. I don’t know who first thought of making socks to cover ugly feet with separate full-coverage compartments for each toe.  You probably don’t either. I guess that means I could say I did. Pass it on. I want my boys to have a reason to be proud of me after I’m gone, and inventor of socks with toe compartments for people with ugly feet would do the trick.

My fascination with toe compartmentalization in footwear began when I happened upon some anti-blistering toe socks after clicking on for some sweet military discounts.  This website makes me salivate. I can almost always find a crazy good deal on all sorts of running things, but toe sock discounts have been my favorite.  My most awesome buy was this pair of toe socks crazy discounted on Govx's partner company,  The brand name is Injinji, which apparently is French for "slightly-expensive retail price but worth it in anti-blister toe sock awesomeness".


Via This pair of socks is precious. Don’t you love this little toe sock? Don’t you want to buy it a little unicorn or give it xoxo's or something?

Injinji toe socks are made famous as some of the best running socks in the world and positioned as the companion sock to Vibram FiveFinger shoes, which I first paired with these socks during winter for added foot warmth. The toe compartments are soft and snug and I am in deep lust with them.  But I wondered most about the anti-blister component.  These socks have gotten quite popular in the running community as amazing blister-free socks so I thought I'd run them through some ultra-long running tests to see for myself.  After running a 50 mile sand ultra on Destin Beach sockless in Vibram's last February I had ferocious water blisters.  So I was determined to find a blister remedy to keep these blisters from re-forming or else a psychotic clown wig and water tower situation would be coming on soon.


Via  These blue Injinji’s come in a 3-pack and are cute as bugs. (Not cockroaches or picnic flies, but more like Lady Bugs and pretend cartoon bugs in kids’ movies.) 

Before making a purchase of the blue ones, I viewed other toe socks with similar blister prevention claims and even bought some Blister prevention kits at  However to make these blister kits work, you have to know how to handle poisonous and harmful substances and materials.  I use industrial strength glue to adhere fake toenails to my nail-less big toe at least once a week so I thought that might qualify me.  Nevertheless the kit was a fail.  Folks who are smarter than me, (and probably with prettier feet and less toe cleavage) know how to use these blister prevention and repair kits and I do not because I can barely turn tap water into boiling water for microwave mac-n-cheese.  The easier option was to try the anti-blistering Injinji's for blister-free performance on the road and the trail.  After all, that's what Injini's are made for and although these toes socks are defined as “the five-fingered socks for the minimalist shoe lover”, I now wear them with my maximalist Hoka running shoes. 

The Injinji's work in any shoe, not just funny-looking toe shoes.  Even when wearing the Hoka Kailua Tarmac running shoes (and ditching the Vibram Five Fingers), the Injinji's feel more freeing. You can wiggle your toes around in the shoes, and it feels like you’ve got a warm & fuzzy second skin on your feet.  Because of this, they also make excellent stay-at-home mom shoe replacements because you can still stretch your toes and feel the texture of the floor or razor-sharp Lego blocks a kid left out.

Injinji toe socks are also odor-protective.  I know this because I’ve only washed the Hoka shoes once in 300 miles when they began to smell like funk. I’ve got smelly feet also.  So when the shoe and feet stank permeates the socks enough for them have a stench and I forget to throw them in the wash with toddler poopy pants, I can just wash them in the sink with dish soap and they’re dry and clean smelling by the time I wake up the next morning.  On top of that, my Hoka's themselves don’t stink up as quickly as before when I’m wearing these socks.


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