Better Because of Blogging

Better Because of Blogging

Today's NaBloPoMo question is: Does blogging bring out your best or worst self.  The theme for the month is "Self" hence the emphasis on myself.  I think this is a very good theme.  It allows me to remove the mask.  Because, if I don't know myself, how am I going to get to know my audience? Also, how can I ask my audience to share with me honestly if I don't want to reciprocate?  So, does blogging bring out my best or worst of myself?

I have to say the very best in some ways.  One of those ways is it help me to focus on something: With long hours at work, church and different classes, I tend to just flop down on the sofa and watch TV when I get home in the evenings. That is what I often did before I started blogging.  Now I can't wait to get home and work on my next post.  Blogging has helped me to become more:

Engaged.  I have become more engaged in the blogging community.  I used to read blogs and may offer the odd comment or like.  But I did so half heartedly without much focus, sometimes merely skimming through posts.  Now I take the time to read those posts that peak my interest.  I also will leave, I think, a meaningful comment which really comes from my heart.  I reblog and repost not only posts that I find interesting but also those that I think others might find useful.  I am now reading for others as well, not only just for myself.

Attentive to social network connections.  Before I started blogging, I tended to rarely visit sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.  For instance, I can't even remember the handle to two of my Twitter accounts.  Now I try to log on daily, take note of what my connections are talking about and more often than not, participate in conversations.

Open -- maybe even vulnerable.  Although not quite as open as what I write in my journals, I tend to be more open in my writing now.  Blogging has allowed me the privilege to share with strangers, who actually take the time to read what I post. I appreciate that and hopefully can show that appreciation by revealing more of myself in future posts.

Blogging has really brought out my better self.  It has allowed me to be more open and socially engaging.  The practice of writing daily, gives me a platform to manage my time more efficiently while learning from others and sharing with the online community.


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