Best of Nordstrom Anniversary Sale : Lingerie Edition

Best of Nordstrom Anniversary Sale : Lingerie Edition

People! Serious public service announcement...  You only have THREE full days to make it to the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale before it ends.

This is crunch time people!

While I go to Nordstrom for everything, I especially love their lingerie department.  That may be because an old roommate of mine worked in the lingerie department and turned me into a fanatic but never-the-less, I'm addicted.

And let's be honest, who has a favorite bra and wears it too many times in a row without washing it?? (I once heard a poll that said 60% of women wear our favorite bra for two weeks at a time without washing it... Eek!)  Time to add some new favorites to that rotation.  So today I wanted to give you a round up of my favs from the Nordstrom Sale:  Lingerie Edition.

one (aka best panties on earth) / two / three / four (totally obsessed with this bra) five (if you don't own a bralette, go buy this right now, it's perfection) / six (the only the way to wash your delicates)

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What are favs from this years sale??  Now go shop to your hearts content!

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