Best Neighborhood/Trails to Run and Watch Weird People In & Around DC

Best Neighborhood/Trails to Run and Watch Weird People In & Around DC

This time of year in Florida is so miserably hot and humid, I can't even tell you. No really. Before you're allowed to move away, the Florida Board of Tourism makes you swear on space shuttle Atlantis' grave not to tell how hot and humid it is there. You're also not supposed to tell anyone there is really no such thing as winter, spring or fall, so you didn't hear it from me. I don't want the tourism Mafia blowing up my Rav 4.

Because I already know all four southern seasons: almost summer, summer, still summer, and Christmas, I'm now happy to traverse the streets of our fine nation's Capitol in drastically more pleasant temps, passing through areas where even Navy Seals would be afraid to ask directions. Every morning I exit the Cambria hotel with my toddler in his jog stroller once it is adequately disinfected from the previous day's run. We smell the breakfast sandwiches from across the way at Azi's Cafe which is the single most fabulous lunch spot I've ever been to, and that includes the Burger King in Georgia that accidentally gave me an extra bag of fries in the kid's meal and didn’t even charge me for them. An honest to goodness Internet cafe, Azi's is like being invited into someone’s home where a wild WiFi party is in full swing complete with thick Ethiopian accents behind the counter, strong espresso and turkey panini sandwiches.


We don't have northern people clothes just yet so I bag him up like people on the street before we go to Azi's.

But just as I was about to pull away from the corner of O street and 9th and leave the cafe and hotel in my running stroller dust the other morning, my iMap app gave me directions that would lead me to the safety of a friendly neighborhood street gang establishment where everyone has a special handshake. Wrong directions. Totally wrong directions. These were directions that led me down a dead end road where a long, long line of tricked out, pimped out rides with heavily tinted windows were all parked diagonally and backed in so as to allegedly make fleeing some sort of bloody spree an easier task.

And that’s where our fairy tale of wanting to live full-time in downtown DC and run the streets everyday ends, kids. Although it hasn't been all that bad running in the alphabet letter named streets (until you get to P through S and sometimes T), I do so love alphabetizing and sanitizing so I'm compelled to say it's been a good trip overall.


So glad I'm on FB. Otherwise, I'd have to send 1,133 texts to my friends and family just to let them know I went running in DC today.

With the weather getting warmer here, I see the DC natives pulling out their running shoes and pounding the pavement alongside me, the dog and stroller. So many things to buy, eat, and do are within walking distance in DC and what better way to get things done than to run around the (safe) streets of this beautiful city. Plus, I'm a total people watcher and always have been. Although I detest mall shopping, I thoroughly enjoy the Fashion Centre Mall at Pentagon City while sitting and watching. You may have seen me if you were there the other day. I was the brunette chick in last season's American Eagle shorts sitting atop the pink kid's ice cream truck coin operated ride watching you through binoculars because you fascinate me so much, especially if you're a weird person. My 5 year old is forever getting on to me when I am in close proximity to weird people because I become so engrossed in watching them, I forget that I am staring. Typically he gives me the old, "Mama! Stop staring!", and I can always tell by his tone I'm about a second away from getting pinched on the fleshy part of my arm.


Myles loves running in the parks in and around DC. He also loves playing an inappropriate game of "Who Pooped in the Park?" There's no mystery this 5 year old detective can't solve.

Although my family has only inhabited the area for a little over a week now, I've had numerous daily weird people watching adventures in DC. I've also seen numerous outdoor running enthusiasts showcasing a fantastic way to get the body Virginia Beach ready before the summer hits. So far it seems DC is an adventurous city to run through and has a plethora of trails/paths to be discovered, so here are my top 6 (so far).

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