The Best Monterey Trip Ever!

The Best Monterey Trip Ever!

We made it all the way to Monterey! Yeah!

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Daddy takes us to the Monterey Marina to look at a sailboat for sale, Hogswart, an Express 34. The owners, Allen and Patricia, show us around the boat. It’s a nice boat but Daddy’s not sure if it’s “the one.”

Then Daddy takes us to Clint Eastwood’s Mission Ranch Restaurant on the recommendation of 3 individuals. We go there but the bar menu seating is full and the dinner seating isn’t open until 5 o’clock, another 35 minutes, even though is looks as if two-thirds of the outdoor seating is still available. Rules are rules and Mission Ranch Restaurant has them; they also do not allow dogs on the property nor are welcoming to service animals.

We drive a little further to enjoy Carmel Beach having lots of fun running and playing with other dogs.

“Paws down,” Carmel Beach over Clint Eastwood’s pseudo rich Mission Ranch Restaurant any day; pretentious but nice; post card picture perfect but not dog friendly. Sorry Clint.

Next, we go on the 17-mile-drive from Carmel along the curvy coastline drive road back to Monterey, then food! It costs $9.75 to drive through the gate for the 17-mile-drive. The nice man at the gate gives us a “Points of Interest” map with no doggy treats, “Recession?” The map states that “Lexus is the preferred vehicle of Pebble Beach resorts.” No recession here! Daddy says the “preferred vehicle” status is because “there are more of them.”

Daddy comments on his 17-mile-drive experience,“Not impressed.” “Can you expand on that?” I ask. “I’d rather not.” “And why is that?” Daddy says, “I paid $10 to be misdirected.” As Mama chimes in, “It’s better than paying $100 for an over priced meal.” The map did not help us find the coast line drive.

Tomorrow, is Nevada City, California!

Until then, thank you all for visiting with me and have a fantastic day!!

Love you all!


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