The Funniest Food Blog April Fool's Day Pranks

The Funniest Food Blog April Fool's Day Pranks

Hoping to win the viral marketing Super Bowl that is April Fool's Day, a slew of food companies launched fake campaigns today. As a San Franciscan, my favorite was a local cooking school's all-day toast intensive, but I also laughed at the pasta rocket at Eataly Space.

Meanwhile, back on land, some bloggers proved they're vastly funnier than most marketing departments. Here, my favorites so far:

Eat The Love Deadpanned a How to Boil Water Tutorial

Killer quote: "Even the apparently misnamed Steamy Kitchen seemed to not have a recipe for boiling water."

Blogging Over Thyme Invented The Sour Apple Martini With Asparagus Foam

Blogging Over Thyme Asparagus CocktailImage: Blogging Over Thyme

Killer quote: "Remember when a lot of you thought I was sharing an asparagus cocktail last week? Well…as crazy as it sounds, that concept just kind of stuck with me. All weekend long."

Joy The Baker Posted the Secret to Food Blogging Success

Killer quote: "Nobody ever pinned Metamucil."

Honestly Yum Developed a Recipe for Gourmet Water Mocktails

Killer quote: "Sure, it was a bit pricey, but not any worse than your standard bottle of booze. The result is a mocktail that leaves you feeling fresh, vibrant, and full of life. I also hear it’s wonderful for the skin. Oh, and the best part . . . no hangover!!"

Cake Wrecks Went Porn

Killer quote: "Today marks another milestone in Cake Wrecks' history. Today, CW's hotter older sister site, Cake, goes live."

Any other great April Fool's Day food blog pranks you've seen today? Or non-food blog pranks? (My favorite was Cool Mom Tech's fakeout, Facebook Reveal.)

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