Because I’m "Happy" Listening to Jeremy Green’s Amazing Rendition

Because I’m "Happy" Listening to Jeremy Green’s Amazing Rendition

You know a song is played a lot when people begin saying they’re tired of hearing it.  But, there’s one particular young man I just have to tell you about.  I first saw his amazing talent through a Facebook friend who posted his YouTube video.  I’m not always interested in playing videos posted by others.  Something about the still shot made me want to check him out.  His name is Jeremy Green and he plays the violin.  Well, he actually plays the viola.  Within the first few lines of “Happy”, I was in awe.  He is an amazing artist.  His talent really shines through and he does a magnificent rendition of Pharrell Williams’ Happy song.

 It’s been a long time since I’ve heard a newer song that, no matter how much I hear it, makes me feel good.  A song that just makes me want to tap my feet.  Next thing I know, I’m bobbing my head.   I’ll admit it.  I’ve even had a time or two that I went into full dance mode.  I guess it’s just how the song makes me feel. 

How about you?  Are you tired of the song?  I’m not!  Maybe it’s because I don’t hear it everyday or even every week.  But, I think if I did, it would still be a while before I get tired of it.  For me, maybe it’s not just another song but, also the words.  The rhythm coupled with the words, for me anyway, just makes it a song that can’t go wrong.  It would appear there are plenty of others who agree with me.      

Jeremy Green Plays the Viola in His Rendition of “Happy”

I continue to be impressed with youth and young adults from all walks of life who pay attention to their talent.  I believe it is God given talent.  Every chance I get, I like to showcase any one of them doing amazing things.   I believe this young man is going to go far.  There doesn’t seem to be any concern that he will get in his own way either, as he appears grounded, focused and he embraces his skill.  He hopes to become a professional musician.  You can read more about him and hear more of his music on YouTube.

During an interview with Oprah, Pharrell Williams commented on how at first, the song got no play time.  Then all of a sudden, with the video release, the song took off.  Williams was overcome with emotion when Oprah showed him just how big the song is.  As he watches people from countless countries dancing and singing his song, he was overwhelmed.  Anyone of us can imagine how huge that is for an artist.  Imagine how the artist him/herself feels.  If you get a chance to see the interview in its entirety, I do recommend it.  He has quite a humble story to tell about the days long before he got to where he is now. 

Pharrell Williams Is Shown By Oprah How Big "Happy" Is

Pharrell Williams has quite a long history in the music industry.  He’s written a lot of songs for other artists.  The song “Happy” was indeed written by Williams.  But, did you know it was originally for Cee Lo Green (no relation to Jeremy Green that I’m aware of)?  Williams has certainly put in his time.  He’s earned his glory.  Which; by the way, he speaks of having never expected.  He’s said many times he was perfectly fine being in the background. 

I have a strong feeling it’s just a matter of time before Jeremy Green sees his glory too. It happened for Pharrell Williams and it certainly can for Jeremy Green. I’m happy for both of them; no pun intended. The message here is to never sacrifice your purpose and passion.  We’re all intended to master and reveal our greatness already within us. 

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