Make Your Own Cooling Towels for Workouts

Make Your Own Cooling Towels for Workouts

Need a way to cool down while exercising or doing yard work on 90-degree days?

My thoughtful Zumba instructor showed me how to make a do-it-yourself cooling towel that feels absolutely heavenly. (And better yet – she provides them during summer classes.)


Image: Pete Markham via Flickr

Buy a pack of thin washcloths from a discount store. Wash and dry them, then soak them in cool water. Roll them up and store them in the refrigerator in a large Ziplock bag. An hour or so before you need one, put it in the freezer in a smaller Ziplock bag.

Take it out, let it thaw a few minutes, and it’s ready to use. Use it to wipe your face, or tuck it in your sleeve, or down the front of your top. And feel free to sigh with relief...


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