The Bad Luck Detective's Challenge

The Bad Luck Detective's Challenge

Bad Luck Detective laid out the following challenge:

“I came across a blogging tip saying you should add interesting facts about yourself to your blog’s “about me” page. It suggested ten things most people don’t know about you. This is my challenge…Add a list to your blog and then leave it in my comments or write your own BlogHer post and let me know so I can discover your secrets. Detectives are snoopy people.”

So here is my list!

  • I’m an asexual lesbian and make a brief appearance in the movie (A)sexual.
  • I am out hiking almost every weekend.  
  • I have no children but my sister and two brothers have provided me with 5 nieces and 2 nephews
  • I love to read and was a bookworm as a kid.
  • I’m an avid women’s basketball and volleyball fan, especially of the Stanford Cardinal.
  • I was a faculty brat as a kid otherwise known as  the daughter of a university professor.
  • I spent 2 separate years of my childhood (1965-66 and 1972-73) living in London, England
  • The other years of my childhood were spent in Columbus, Ohio, USA
  • I’m athletic and have good eye arm coordination but I’m not very quick or fast.
  • I haven’t ever used makeup
  • I have been single for roughly 86% of my life (44 of my 51 years)
  • I nearly always wear  a t-shirt, jeans or hiking pants, and tennis shoes or hiking boots
  • I’m really attracted to people who are full of curiosity about everything but I’m not so curious myself.
  • I love to watch TV but  seem to end up with friends  who don’t like TV.
  • I don’t have any pets nor do I want any pets at the moment.
  • I have been diagnosed as having dysthymia (chronic mild depression)
  • I’m a fan of the NPR quiz shows.
and some more for those that already knew the above stuff about me ...
  • I started out my academic career in 1966-67 with straight D's in "Can retell stories and relate experiences"
  • I had about 10 pen pals as a teenager and a couple were prisoners whom I stopped writing at the advice of my parents when they found out about it.
  • I threw a pass to score a 2 point conversion as quarter back in my high school powderpuff football game!!
  • I once went bumping down cement stairs on my roller blade skates and looked cool doing it.

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