It was only the other day that it hit me;I've just experienced a bad boy. I could n't understand why I was so frustrated but still expected more from him and to make things worse we weren't even dating, or were we? (Sigh) I just never knew what was up with this guy, but before I was hooked, I was able to realize that he'll never be forward with me and decided to let go, before I could tag myself the title "victim of a Badboy". It got me thinking,really what is it about them? And what do we mean exactly when we say "badboy"? Beyonce, openely professes falling for her husband because he's a badboy in their song "Part Two". And if that could happen to Beyonce, (don't be modest) it could happen to you too.ThankGod I used this opportunity to study their skills just to be safe . I may have escaped this time ;but who knows, I may come acrtoss another next time? I need to be armed. I came up with top five ways a badboy could have you hooked. I don't know if it applies to all of them,but at least it's a step towards figuring them out.
#1.HE'LL NEVER CHASE YOU. Unlike that guy that you have cornered in the darkroom called friendzone, this guy will never chase you. He's probably that guy who sits alone at a bar, staring and smiling at you as he sips his drink but will never walk across the room to talk to you. You look at him,wait for him to make a move but nothing. It's a strategy, and it works like a charm. Because you feel the chemistry from across the room,you'll convince yourself that it won't hurt to make the first move. When you finally say hi , he starts up a conversation that will have you swearing he's the one. Only to figure out at the end of it all he didn't even ask for your number. So you decide because you approached him,you should probably just ask for his number, and there you go. You have officially given him the power. Prepare yourself for the doom ahead.
#2. HE THROWS CRAZY HINTS. When you call he responds kindly and his charming personality makes your call worth it. He will not text you first but immidiately you start a conversation you forget that you're the one who reached out. He will even ask to take you out, and you two will have a great time. You spend lots of time together. He will shower you with endless compliments about how he admires you,and the fact that he talks about the little things you do, will fool you into thinking that he pays detailed attention to you. But when you tell him how you feel, he will pull away or just say something that has nothing to do with wanting to be exclusive with you.
#3.HE GIVES YOU A FALSE SENSE OF FREEDOM. This is probably one of the best things that comes with dealing with a bad boy. He never judges you. If anything he encourages you to be completely yourself around him. He's all about exposing your imperfections, and you gotta admit, that's a pretty good escape from a world that requires you to be perfect. Those body insecurities that you may have disappear, because this guy has mastered the art of making a woman feel absolutely comfortable in her own skin. Anything you want to say, you could say it around him. He doesn't mind those contoversial views,profanity or any dark secrets you may have up your sleeves. Those things you've never tried before; he's here to make sure you do. He kind of "frees you from the restrictions that the world imposes on you" or atleast he gives you a reason to believe so. Simply, he awakens your dangerous side.
#4.HE MAKES YOU HATE HIM. This move is miraculous, because it's the one that'll have you hooked and you won't understand why. He's never there when you need to be. He does what you distinctly asked him not to. Sometimes, he even throws offensive comments at you. So why are you still with him? Ever heard of "frustration attraction"? Well, when you get dumped you become attracted to your ex because of this "frustration attraction" at least that's the gospel according to uber facts. A bad boy does the same thing, only he doesn't tell you "it's over", so you become repeatedly attracted to him in the frustration that he makes you go through. In simple words, you're never leaving him, not without a struggle.
#5.HE GIVES YOU A REASON TO SEXUALLY DESIRE HIM. I make this my final point,because this final move is the one that will hold you captive. So far this guy has given you a reason to like/love him, so now you direct your positive emotions towards him. Further along the way, he gave you a reason to hate him, so now even your negative emotions are equally channeled towards him. Incase you haven't noticed he's encrypted himself in your brain. Good or bad thoughts, your still thinking about him. But making you sexually desire him, is the move that he will use to imprint himself on you. These bad boy types understand that girls love sex just as much as guys do...and they are not afraid to use it to their advantage. It starts with a casual talk and he intellectually stimulates you by telling you all the things he would do to you;only if you'd let him. He won't "wait for you" he reverses the process by making you believe you want him. He even creates sexual fantasies with you, and if he's that good he will be able to predict what you'd like for him to do to you judging by your personality. Before you know it, anytime you have sex dream, he's the one on top of you,fulfilling all your fantasies to perfection and doing even more than you could have ever possibly imagined. That is how you know you're completely gone. At the end of the day, this guy has manged to take your positive, negative and now sexual energy and centre it on himself. Your officially wrapped around his finger...brace yourself for the catastrophe ahead.


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