Backyard DIY Overhaul: Three Simple (But Essential) Projects

Backyard DIY Overhaul: Three Simple (But Essential) Projects

If your backyard leaves something to be desired, you probably have some major plans to overhaul it. Even if they're just hypothetical back-of-your-mind plans, it's fun to think about all the cool things you can do with all that space back there. But most overhaul projects are extremely costly, and no one would blame you for setting those plans aside for the time being.


backyard projectsAll images via Flickr (read on for more info!)


Just because the pool of your dreams or a fabulous deck aren't in the cards doesn't mean you can't still have a great outdoor space to enjoy with your family and friends. Here are three simple but essential projects to tackle that'll make your kids' imaginations run wild and help grown-ups to relax and unwind.




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