Kale Pesto: A New Spin on Pasta That's Both Healthy and Delicious

Kale Pesto: A New Spin on Pasta That's Both Healthy and Delicious

Baby Kale Pesto with Pasta is truly a delicious and healthy meal.  Pesto made with kale is somewhat milder than basil pesto in taste, but still tastes good while giving you a lot of nutritional value from the kale. 

Kale pesto with pasta
Image: Courtesy of Jodee Weiland

Being Italian, it was hard for me to imagine kale in a pesto.  I’ve used it to make kale chips, a kale salad, and even a kale and white bean soup. But putting kale in a pesto to use with pasta was something I just couldn’t imagine, especially since I love Italian Basil Pesto. Nevertheless, with all the baby kale I have coming from my garden, I decided I had to do something with it all, and Baby Kale Pesto…Both Healthy and Delicious is what I came up with for dinner tonight,  I was pleasantly surprised when this dinner turned out to be very tasty after all.

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