How to Cheat the Crop Top & Skirt Trend Without Exposing Your Belly

How to Cheat the Crop Top & Skirt Trend Without Exposing Your Belly

Q. I’d like to get into the cropped top and skirt trend, but I don’t want to expose my midriff in the process. Any suggestions?

A. I totally understand where you’re coming from. There are ways to get around this!

First, try picking a wide-cut crop top and high-waisted skirt. You can choose a pencil skirt or a circle/round skirt. When the top is cut wider than the skirt, it gives the look you want without actually exposing your midriff!

Here's another option. You can pick a tank or bodysuit wear under your crop top, to meet in the middle. Choose a sheer bodysuit that covers your midriff, but gives the faux appearance of skin. Or try pulling a color from your overall look and wear a tank in that color. Choose a bodysuit of the same color for a monochromatic look.

Get the cropped top and skirt trend without exposing your midriff

Next question: I've got THREE events in one day!

Q. I have a baby shower, a first birthday party, and a cocktail engagement party all in the same day. Any suggestions for what I should wear?

A. Versatility is key here! First, decide if you want to wear pants or a dress. Don’t opt for jeans; they may not give the comfort you need or the polish you desire. You want to go from event to event without looking like you’ve had a full social calendar. For the sake of this post, let’s choose a dress (very easy). In this spring/summer season, you have plenty of lightweight transitional dresses to choose from.

Using your dress as the base, bring two pairs of shoes, one dressy statement piece of jewelry, and a blazer or cardigan to give you punch for the cocktail party.

If you can’t swing two pairs of shoes, pick a wedge sandal that can be worn day or night.

One outfit for three different events in the same day


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