Art Therapy: Helping Kids With Cancer Let It Go -- and Create!

Art Therapy: Helping Kids With Cancer Let It Go -- and Create!

"May I ask you," I said, "On a personal note, how you feel when you experience art like this?" (Full-disclosure: I have known Purvi as a colleague and friend since 2000. She created BlogHer's "hermoticon" logo. And I knew her son, Amaey, his entire life. Amaey passed away on September 25, 2011 after he relapsed with a chemo-induced acute myelogenous leukemia.)

"How do I feel?" asked Shah. "It saddens me to see so many children signed up because that means that lot of children are fighting cancer. A lot of these kids came from the hospital... but a lot of them are survivors, and there are many bereaved siblings. The fact that they came and it helped them, that's why we do this."

"On a personal note, somebody asked me, 'How do you do it?'" said Shah. "I feel really happy when I'm here. I see the kids enjoying art. Living in the moment just really excites me. That's what Amaey was doing -- living in the moment. That is why I keep doing this, over and over."

"We want to reach out to the community and let them know that kids do get cancer and we cannot take that away from them, but we can definitely make art available to them to add more color in their life," said Shah.

To donate workspace, supplies or time visit the Kids & Art website, where you can read more about the organization and this mission: "Kids & Art provides children touched by cancer and their care circle, with an environment that enriches, encourages and empowers them to create memorable experiences."

Lisa Stone is a BlogHer Co-founder and CEO of BlogHer Inc.

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