Are You a Crafter or a Baker?

Are You a Crafter or a Baker?

Left Brain vs. Right Brain?

Kitchen bins

My theory started when my daughter asked me to play Legos with her. She is like her daddy. He has a math minor; his dad is an engineer; he works on spreadsheets all day. He is also a great baker. Anyway, my daughter was building her Lego Friends kit, following the instructions to a tee. I, on the other hand, just started grabbing pieces and making my own Frank Lloyd Wright-inspired Lego house.

This blew my daughter's mind. At first, she stole pieces back from me, insisting they were not supposed to go there, but instead in Mia’s magic trick box or Stephanie’s ice cream parlor. I assured her it that it was fine to branch out and NOT follow the instructions from time to time. It took a little coaching, but she finally started building her own ideas and designs. Now she is a Lego architect, building with wild abandon. The truth of the matter is that those little pictorial guides that come with Legos make me shut down, much like a complicated recipe does. I see a long list of things I am supposed to do, and suddenly I want to shut my eyes and take a nap. Luckily, this time I was able to skirt the issue of Mommy was not much for instruction manuals. If I had been teaching her to bake, this story would not have had a happy ending.

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