Are We Raising a Generation of Non-Handwashers?

Are We Raising a Generation of Non-Handwashers?

I went back to college last year.
I learned a lot of stuff.
Things like…
I think I get smarter as I age.
I’m still not a huge fan of History.
I wish I would’ve gone to college right after high school or at least before I had kids.
19 year olds think I’m old.
A lot of parent’s hard earned money is being wasted.
19 year olds are annoying.
85% of women don’t wash their hands after going to the bathroom.
I’m just appalled by this statistic. It’s my own statistic, no formal research…but I’m pretty sure it’s pretty accurate and there’s a good chance I’m being a generous. I can tell you I stood in the ladies room about a million times waiting for my turn, watching girl after girl after girl leave the stall, fix her hair, grab her backpack and walk out the door. YAK! And some of those girls were in classes with me. Touching the door knobs, chairs, vending machine buttons, borrowing my pens. Sick.

I stood there so many times, completely disgusted…and after using the restroom myself I washed my hands like a surgeon-sudsing up the backs of my hands and fingernails, then drying my hands with a paper towel and using the paper towel to open the door and escape the living, breathing petri dish.
And here’s the thing…all the ladies waiting in line to use the next available stall looked at me like I was some kind of lunatic.
Excuse me if I don’t want to carry traces of your urine and fecal matter around on the tips of my fingers.
For every woman I’ve seen disregard the importance of washing their hands after going to the bathroom, there are probably a hundred more. And we’d be foolish to think they’re just doing this at school. They’re doing this everywhere.
(and let’s not forget these are educated college students)
Where are their mothers? Isn’t this a fundamental hygiene lesson we teach our kids? Didn’t they learn how important it is to wash their hands on a regular basis, especially when they go to the bathroom? Maybe not. I mean, these women will someday be mothers and they’re not washing their hands….maybe their mothers DID NOT tell them the importance of washing their hands after going to the bathroom….so will they teach their own kids to wash up?
There have been times when another mom accuses my kids of having some kind of OCD problem when they ask me for some hand sanitizer before eating in a restaurant. Have you swabbed a menu lately? I haven’t…but I bet it’s full of germs I don’t want in my mouth or my kid’s mouths.
Are we really raising a society of non-hand washers? This is a serious issue. These people are working in restaurants, touching and preparing food. They’re waitresses and hostesses working their way through college. Are we to believe by posting a sign on the restroom wall that states:“Employees must wash their hands before returning to work” they are actually doing it?
But probably not. 
I’m afraid this epidemic is not limited to young educated women. It’s men too. People all over the country are not washing their hands after using the restroom.
Maybe if we start posting signs like this in public restrooms more people will actually wash their hands:


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