Are My Facebook Posts Obnoxious?

Are My Facebook Posts Obnoxious?

(What I don't need to know is that your dog is no longer constipated, or that the wart on your nose finally got removed (amen), or that your mother's best friends' husband is in heart failure. However, for the rest of it? Bring it on. We all know what we signed up for when we joined.)

So, is there a line and, if so, did I cross it? I know there are truly obnoxious posts; you know, too,  because we've all seen them.  The ones with the picture of the margarita on the beach and the words, "Having the best day ever here in Mexico. Heard it's freezing back home. Soooo sorry!" Now that's just an a#$hole. But what if the post had the same picture and said, "Great day here in Mexico. Missing you guys." Is that obnoxious?

I think the issue may be that we are simply more comfortable when people only share their uncertainties, fears and the bad stuff. Maybe we are not really open to celebrating others' accomplishments and joys. Maybe we just don't want to hear it. We love to share our story, but want no part of celebrating someone else's.

Maybe what I need to do now is that when something bad happens, like the time they opened the pool and all the tile on one wall was off (today), or when I came downstairs and there was a huge pile of dog crap in my family room (last week), or when the brakes caught on fire in the car that my 19-year-old was driving (last summer), or when the kid whom shall remain nameless was detained at the concert (several years ago, thank God), I'll make sure to post it. Maybe a picture with plastic cuffs on would make it better? Or a perfect close up picture of the dog crap still steaming? How about one with the flames still leaping out of the SUV? The bill for the tile work on the pool? Will that work?

In the meantime, while I try to figure this all out, I will definitely think twice before posting pictures or comments that may be perceived as being obnoxious. Also, never wanting to offend,  if I indeed did so, I apologize. But, that said, if I did, might I suggest that you unfriend me or block me or something?

Because there's no way I am going to keep cheering you and yours on, and liking all those posts and videos (can you cut the time down a bit by the way) of your kid scoring the winning goal, if you aren't going to say that my picture of Notre Dame was rockin. And if you are going to make snarky comments, I may just decide that green is not your color. Which, would then, of course, prove your point that I am indeed one selfish, obnoxious, unfeeling bitch.

So post away people. I want to see it. I want to hear it. And, if I am too obnoxious for you, too happy, too whatever, feel free to hit the "unfriend" button. I won't be offended, I swear.

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