Are Church Leaders Greedy????

Are Church Leaders Greedy????

The other day I was waiting in the parking lot of my sons school before his dismissal. I was listening to the Bible while in the car and Moses was giving the Israelites the instructions that he had been given by God on how to build the tabernacle in Exodus 35-36. He told the Israelites, whoever felt in their heart to give they should give to assist in the building of the tabernacle. What I noticed in Exodus 36,  Moses had to tell the people to stop giving because they had given so much.  They had more than enough to complete the work for the building of the tabernacle and the Israelites were still giving!


Then I had a thought, I wondered if the churches today could do the same???? Could they store up enough money to meet the needs of the members, staff and the upkeep of the church. But once the fund reached a reasonable amount to support everyone could they tell the members to stop giving for a while because certainly we know from the media or even through personal experiences that not all churches use their financial gain to help others. They sometimes help themselves generously and allow the members to suffer under the pressure to put the leaders kids through private school, to pay car notes, and build new homes etc....I could go on forever but I'm not!


What do you think?

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