Anxiously Awaiting

Anxiously Awaiting

I never dreamed that the day would come that I would be anxiously waiting to get up out of bed and walk! I get butterflies in my stomach on  the ride to the cemetery so I can get out there and get started!


For someone who is overweight and use to hate to walk this is amazing in my mind. How can one person change so much in their workout habits in such a short amount of time?


I use to get up in the mornings to do Zumba, but that would only last for two weeks at the most. I was worried I would do the same thing with my walking but thanks to family, friends, and my #MADStreakers group, they keep me motivated!! I thank them dearly for this motivation!!


So what are you anxiously waiting for? Me? To get out there and walk in the morning and to see how far I can go!

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