Announcing: BlogHer '13 Room of Your Own Submissions Are Open!

Announcing: BlogHer '13 Room of Your Own Submissions Are Open!

Yesterday, the BlogHer '13 preliminary agenda was announced, but we're just getting warmed up! We still have a lot of program elements to roll out (there's a full announcement schedule here) including the BlogHer '13 Room of Your Own, which opens NOW!

What is Room of Your Own? Why, it's another way we enable registered conference attendees to make your conference experience your own!

We introduced the Room of Your Own (ROYO) concept at our very first conference in 2005. You can read that original post here. We know perfectly well that even the three dozen programmed sessions in our break-out tracks won't cover every topic that people want to talk about, so now we're handing the mic over to you.

If you are a registered BlogHer '13 attendee (or plan to be by our January 31, 2013 deadline for ROYO submissions; you must be registered to attend the conference in order to be selected), here's how to submit your ideas for ROYO:

  • First, go check out the existing conference agenda. Part of the criteria for being selected as a Room of Your Own is freshness/uniqueness. Be sure to add to the agenda, while not duplicating it.

  • Next, head over to the submission form. You can be as detailed as you like in your submission -- include speaker suggestions, links, anything you can think of that will enhance your submission!

  • Once you submit, you'll be directed to your submission's unique page on Copy/bookmark the URL displayed in your browser and feel free to share that link with your community, as the number of votes for each Room of Your Own are also included in the selection criteria.

  • To view the complete list of all ROYO submissions (and to cast votes), visit the Room of Your Own submissions review and voting page.


ROYO are chosen for program inclusion based on the following criteria:

  • Freshness: Bringing a new, fresh, unique topic to the current conference schedule, and/or BlogHer in general.

  • Community Interest: Community members vote for the ROYO submissions they'd most like to attend. Feel free to encourage your blogging community to show their interest in your submission with a thumbs up on your session's page!

  • Conference Attendance: The opportunity to present a ROYO is meant to be a benefit for conference attendees, and as such, submitters and speakers must be registered for the conference in order to be selected. No unregistered submitter will be considered.

So, check out our BlogHer-programmed sessions and then go tell us what we're missing by submitting a session or by giving a thumbs up to the sessions that resonate with you.


Mr Lady

Conference Programming Manager

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