Announcing the BlogHer '11 Official Community Party Plan! (And New: No RSVPs Required, Hooray!)

Announcing the BlogHer '11 Official Community Party Plan! (And New: No RSVPs Required, Hooray!)

Last year we started a new tradition: The BlogHer Conference Official Party Plan. We began partnering with community  leaders and co-hosting multiple parties per evening, hoping to have, truly, something for everyone who attends BlogHer.

We also ensured that any party that occurred within our conference space...this year both the conference hotel and the Convention Center...would be an "official" BlogHer party, and therefore OPEN to any attendee. 

Now, we did worry about capacity, so we tried an RSVP system. And that was not everyone's cuppa tea, including ours.

So this year? New plan: No RSVPs required. Anyone with a conference badge for that day can go to that evening's parties! We'll manage capacity in real time, and given how much is going on (and how much hallway talk goes on at BlogHer anyway) we're not concerned!

So, that's how you recognize an official BlogHer party when you see one: Open to all. :)

And what's our line-up like this year? Stellar! (Need you ask?)

Without further ado: The BlogHer '11 Official Party Plan:

Thursday, August 4th:

Evening at the ExpoEvening at the Expo, 6-8PM: By popular demand. Yes, a big number of you told us that you wanted more time to hang in the Expo that was dedicated...not conflicting with any sessions or parties. A couple of break times a day wasn't enough. So we thought: Why not open up the Expo Hall with a bang on Thursday Night? Two hours of uninterrupted time to check out the latest and greatest from our sponsors...without whom, as I know you all know, this conference and our low ticket prices would simply not be possible. The party at BlogHer starts here, and we'll be releasing more details about entertainment and activities and prizes as get closer to the event. You won't want to miss this new tradition!

People's Party at BlogHer '11The People's Party, 8-11PM (Marriott Hall 1-3): Whether you're a mommy, political, green, life, fashion or any other kind of blogger, all are welcome at the 5th Annual People's Party. And by the way: Can you believe it's the 5th Annual People's Party??? Wow.  Come one, come all and celebrate all bloggerhood to kick off BlogHer '11. The People's Party is co-hosted by BlogHer and: Velveteen MindThe BloggessMotherbumper and Oh, the Joys!


Queerosphere at BlogHer '11Queerosphere, 10PM-12AM (Marriott Hall 5): Last year we were kind of sophisticated with our Parisian Salon theme. This year for the third annual Queerosphere, we're going disco! Well, maybe not quite disco, but definitely fun. As always Deb on the Rox is at the helm to plan that fun. The end goal is the same -- to connect and celebrate on the eve of the conference. 



Friday, August 5th

BlogHer '11 Voices of the YearVoices of the Year Reception, 6-8PM (Pavilion Terrace and West Terrace): There may be no way to top last year's Gala, designed and curated by kirtsy, but we will be honoring our Voices of the Year, and we hope after hearing them read at the Community Keynote, that you will want to honor them too.


LTYM at BlogHer '11Listen to Your Mother/Letter to Your Mother Open Mic Salon, 8-10PM (Room 8): We hope, in fact, that you are so inspired by the 2011 Voices of the Year that you will want to pick your favorite post and read it for a supportive audience yourself. This year BlogHer is sponsoring the 2011 Listen to your Mother Show, curated by Ann Imig from Ann's Rants. And since LTYM is already a "show on the road", we invited her to bring it to BlogHer '11. Unlike LTYM or Voices of the Year, this will not be a pre-selected or curated experience. This is more like a karaoke-style open mic: Pick your post, throw your name in the hat, and get the chance to read it out loud for other bloggers who are there to do the same...and who are likely all equally one-part-nervous, one-part-excited. BlogHer is for every kind of blogger, so we are adding a "Letter to Your Mother" component...because we all have a mother! So, while you're readying your submissions for the Voices of the Year, keep an eye out for posts that you might also want to read during the LTYM Open Mic Salon!

Sparklecorn at BlogHer '11Sparklecorn, 9PM-1AM (Ballroom 20 A-D): What will the fabulous Sparklecorn ladies cook up for the third annual Sparklecorn? Pretty sure there will be unicorns. No doubt dancing will be involved. Glow sticks and glitter? Seems reasonable to assume. But will they have other tricks up their sleeves? You'll have to come and see! Co-hosted by BlogHer and: MamaPop


Saturday, August 6th

Fiesta at BlogHer '11Social Fiesta, 8-10:30PM (Marriott Coronado Terrace): the second annual Social Fiesta is back, celebrating Latinas and Hispanic culture with music, food, dancing, connections...and more music and dancing! Don't forget, we're in San Diego, and it's just a tiny bit famous for its Mexican and Latin-American-inspired food. This is where I'm having dinner! Co-hosted by BlogHer and: Latino(a)s in Social Media #LATISM.


Aiming Low at BlogHer '11Aiming Low, 9-11PM (Marriott Seaview): This year we're proud that the second annual Aiming Low party is an official BlogHer community party, and its theme is Come As You Are. Focused more on relaxing and conversation (and maybe a little box wine) and less on going wild. Consider this the place you recharge your batteries (and maybe get a foot massage) before closing out the night! Co-hosted by BlogHer and: Aiming Low.


cheeseburgher at BlogHerCheeseburgHer, 10PM-1AM (Marriott Marina Ballroom): Just like the People's Party, this is the 5th annual CheeseburgHer Party at BlogHer! [Still can't believe it.] With music, dancing, photo booths and, well, beds, the tradition born in a 2007 hotel suite lives on! You haven't attended BlogHer until you've partied with a bag on your head! Co-hosted by BlogHer and: The CheeseburgHers.


Our big thanks to BlogHer's own Erin Groh and Lori Luna, who have been working with all of the party co-organizers to make this plan happen. If you have any questions, please contact Erin at, and she'll take care of you.

Party on, BlogHers!


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