Announcing the 2011 BlogHer Voices of the Year!

Announcing the 2011 BlogHer Voices of the Year!

Today we are pleased and proud to announce the 2011 BlogHer Voices of the Year!

Last year year we expanded the Community Keynote concept that we started in 2008 (thanks to Eden Kennedy's brainstorm and ongoing curation) to allow us to shine a spotlight on even more great work. As we announced in May, that means that below you will find 90 finalists across five categories, including some finalists who will also present their work as part of the 2011 Community Keynote on Friday August 5th.

That same evening, HTC is proudly sponsoring a reception honoring the 2011 Voices of the Year.

This year we again received about 1,000 submissions, so I must start by thanking our Voices of the Year Committee who helped us arrive at the 90 amazing pieces you'll see below, and hear a sampling of at the Community Keynote:

Curator and Your MC: Eden Kennedy from
BlogHer: Elisa, Jory and Lisa, BlogHer Co-founders and Polly Pagenhart and Jes Ferris, Conference Programming Team

The "Pay It Forward" Judging Committee (all former Community Keynoters):

Jason Mayo
Liz Rizzo
(And Elisa pitched in!) 

Amy Turn Sharp
Tarrant Figlio 

Deborah Goldstein
Faiqa Khan
(And Jes pitched in!) 

Corynne Corbett
Denise Tanton pitched in!

Jill Smokler
Stephanie Roberts 

Thanks to you all!

Now, without further ado, here is the list of the 2011 BlogHer Voices of the Year! 

We'll reveal now the specific work chosen to represent the non-presenting finalists, but in order to maintain some suspense for the Community Keynote itself, we won't reveal which post is being presented by the Community Keynoters until immediately following the Keynote.

Go. Read. Enjoy. And remember to check back after the event to check out the Community Keynote works.

Category: HUMOR

Adam Heath Avitable: I Now Pronounce You Ex-Husband and Ex-Wife
Alice Bradley: Uh Camping We Did Go
Anna Lefler: The Little Entries That Couldn't
Brittany Gibbons: The 6 Hour Cat
Elizabeth Jayne Liu: Monday Dare: f.*.c.k.
Joy McGillivray: Modest Mom
Kate Hayes: The Charlie Sheen Rant, Dr. Seuss Style
Kim Hosey: The Night I Wore a Hundred Black Widows
Kristi Walter: My "Happy" Massage
Liz O'Donnell: Mominology
Michelle Hammons: What a Way to Go
Morgan Shanahan: Doc, Are You Telling Me This Sucker's Nuclear?
Neil Kramer: The Inconsiderate Breastfeeding Woman
Ruth Pennebaker: Death of Eroticism on Channel 3
Shannon Bradley-Colleary: Celebrity Stalkers
Vikki Reich: Dear Past Self
Wendi Aarons: Your Ad Here


BlogHer 2011 Community Keynote HUMOR Presenters:
Alexandra Rosas from Good Day Regular People [This post was also the Humor People's Choice]
Jenni Chiu from Mommy Nani Boo Boo
Noa Gavin from Oh Noa

Category: LIFE

Adela Crandell: Winter of the Beans: What it Felt Like to be Needy
Amy Reeder-Worley: Story of an Embrace: Hugging My Son's Birthmom
Angella Dykstra: Broken, Unbroken
Audrey Binkowski: Getting Real About Weight
Carrien Blue: How I Do It All
Ellie Schoenberger: Look
Erin Berky: Letters to the Hubs: A Cry for Help
Jessica Rosenberg: I Am Not Superwoman
Jim Lin: My Middle Name
Law Momma: Growing a Rose
Kara Muller: My Sister is Velma Dinkley
Katie from Overflowing Brain: F'ing Perfect to Me
Katie Allison Granju: Henry's Body  [This post was also the Life People's Choice]
Rachel Callahan from Grasping for Objectivity: A Tornado Story.
Sarah Manley: My Son is Gay
Susan Goldberg: What I Needed This Morning
Zakary W.: House of Cards


BlogHer 2011 Community Keynote LIFE Presenters:
Bon Stewart from Crib Chronicles
Kristen Chase from Motherhood Uncensored
Stacey Conner from Any Mommy Out There


Category: NICHE

Adrienne Graham: No You Can't Pick My Brain - It Costs Too Much
Ann Imig: Cool Jews
C.J.'s Mom: I See the Rainbow, Not the Muddle
Dawn Rouse: Racists in the Crib
Dimity McDowell: Sixteen Minus One
Heather Schade: Thirteen Ways of Looking at 'Our Birthmother'
Ivory Simone: A Call for the End of Global Apartheid
Janiss Garza: Photo Hunt: Memorial
Jessica Vogelsang: Tumbleweeds 
Julia Roberts: A Significant Friendship
Katherine Stone: On Blogging, Popularity Contents & Why I QUIT! [This post was also one of two that tied for the Niche People's Choice]
Laura Grace Weldon: Confessions of a Subversive Cook
Lee Reyes-Fournier: AntiSocial Media
Lynne Rees: Making Sandwiches
Molly Shalz: The Lost Year
Tammy Soong: Do What I Say, Not What I Do: Advice for Newbie Bloggers
XLMIC: Weekend Run: What Worked... and What Didn't


BlogHer 2011 Community Keynote NICHE Presenters:
Britt Reints from Miss Britt
Diane Lang from Momo Fali [This post was also one of two that tied for the Niche People's Choice]
Kate Inglis from Sweet Salty 


Amy Whitley: The Witching Years
Briar Sauro: Pink Toenails
Carolyn Castiglia: Am I the Only Mother Who Ever Felt Embarrassed Breastfeeding in Public?
Elise Raimi: Love, Actually
Ellen Seidman: Raising Kids with Special Needs: The Girl Next Door
Heather King: Glass
Jana Llewellyn: Women in Aprons
Jenna Hatfield: I Am Not a Unicorn
Jennifer Gilbert: Just Don't Call Me a Tramp - It Confuses My Mother
Keiko Zoll: I Beg to Differ, Max: Infertility is NOT a Social Condition
Kristie Jones: A Story of a Boy - Akin  [This post was also the Perspective People's Choice]
Lindsey Andrews: Over Infertility?
Lisa Douglas: The Untold Rules of Military Goodbyes
Mary-Colleen Jenkins: The Mark Twain Debate
Megan Terry: I'm Bigger Than That
Piper Hoffman: Shoes That Kill (Your Dignity)
Suchada Eickemeyer: 4 Reasons the Breastmilk/Formula Debate Makes Me Want to Pull My Hair Out


BlogHer 2011 Community Keynote PERSPECTIVES Presenters:
Cecily Kellogg from Uppercase Woman
Darryle Pollack from I Never Signed Up for This
Lori O'Hara from In Pursuit of it All 

Category: VISUALS

Carol: The Story
Karen Walrond: A Response to Satoshi Kanazawa, Pyschology Today and the Horses They Rode On [This post was also one of two that tied for the Visuals People's Choice]
Lady Jennie: Laduree Macarons
Malady: Recent Awkwardness with a Teen Client
N.C. Winters: A Perfect Storm
Notabilia: Singapore Biennale and Kallang Aiport
Red Dirt Kelly: Healing My Secondary Friend-Drama-Trauma by Canning Peach Preserves
Varda Steinhardt: Flowers of Late Summer


BlogHer 2011 Community Keynote VISUALS Presenters:
Annie Urban from PhD in Parenting [This post was also one of two that tied for the Visuals People's Choice]
Eden Riley from

Please join us in congratulating this year's Honorees, and a big thank you to every one who submitted their own work, or the work of someone they admire. As always: We were blown away by the quantity and quality of submissions!

For Elisa, Jory and Lisa, BlogHer co-founders
Polly and Jes, BlogHer Conference Programming Team
Eden Kennedy, Community Keynote Mastermind!

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