Before and afterschool care, do the daycare costs ever end?

Before and afterschool care, do the daycare costs ever end?

My daughter will be starting kindergarten in less than one month.  This means two things. One- No more daycare!!!!!  She will be attending a parochial school, but the cost of tuition per month is way less then a month of daycare. And she gets to go there 5 days a week! She was only going to daycare 2-3 days a week. 

But wait, hold off on the celebrating. What I didn't say is that the school day starts at 8pm and ends at 3pm.  Guess what? on days I work, she will need some kind of child care before school. Both my husband and I have to start work before 8am.  So we get to pay extra money for before school care.  I am really, really, really trying to keep her out of afterschool care.  It is double the price of before school care.  I have a whole schedule of who will be picking up my daughter from school. As long as the schedule is followed, it should not be a problem.  I will cry if I have to sign her up for both.  I am so tired of paying for daycare. If I would have put all of the money for the six years of daycare I paid for, I could have paid off a brand new luxury car or 2 years at a state college. 

And I just posted yesterday that it was ok to take your children to daycare.......what a crazy person I am. 


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