Amazon Prime for $99: Still Worth It?

Amazon Prime for $99: Still Worth It?

I've had an Amazon Prime membership for... forever, and I love it. I even blogged last November about how much I love it but when I heard a rumor that they were going to almost double the price -- I balked. I was pretty sure I was going to cancel. Thankfully, when Amazon announced the price increase, it was only a $20 increase to $99 a year. That's not so bad but I'm still wondering... is it worth it?

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I've seen a lot of chatter about the price increase and my mom told me over the weekend that she's not renewing hers. I've seen a lot of people say it's not worth it and just as many say that it is. Those who use the Amazon Prime Instant Videos and free Kindle books seem to strongly feel that it's worth it. Those who don't seem to be the ones who are balking at the increase.

I don't watch very many Instant Videos, I watch Netflix a lot more often. I do get some free Kindle books but I wouldn't be heartbroken about not having those since I rely so heavily on the library. So, is it worth it for me to keep my Amazon Prime membership?

Lifehacker says Amazon Prime is still awesome at $99 a year. Their updated breakdown makes me think that it will still be worth it to me.

I tend to place a lot of small orders and the idea of always having to order at least $35 worth of stuff to get free (slow) shipping causes me to cringe. I have a lot of kids who live far away from me and I order things for them all of the time -- and quite often those things don't hit the $35 mark. I'm not going to want to pay shipping on those things.

I'm still deciding and have plenty of time to think about it, since my Amazon Prime renewed in January, at the old rate. I would love to know whether you are going to keep your Amazon Prime membership when you have to pay $99 a year for it (or $49 a year for the student version)? Or, are you going to let it go? Why did you make the decision?

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