Can I Ever Be Enough for My Kids?

Can I Ever Be Enough for My Kids?

This conflict brews continually inside me. Be there for my children or be there for my children. Feed, clothe, and bathe them, or cuddle, love, and laugh with them? And, unfortunately, most days, I don’t have enough to cover both. Am I confident that the amount of time and quality of interaction I give them is enough? No. Will I ever know if it is?

Did I put one in Time Out too often? One not enough? Do these type of issues have a way of evening out in the end? Will a rollicking game of Freeze Tag cancel out three nights I was stuck cleaning the kitchen until 8pm? These effects remain to be seen.

Will I wake up ten years from now and realize that I should have hugged them more, or let the crusty pans sit in the sink overnight, or skipped the grocery store just a few more times? I must provide for their bodies and souls. And I’m not always confident I have what it takes be successful with a home and three, essentially, same-aged children.

But I can promise to try my level best, keep the faith, hug as often as possible, manage a smile when I’m ready to give up and cry, and spend a bit more time enjoying these moments, which are slipping by almost too quickly, in my best attempt to create good people.

That’s all I can do.

I only wish I could do more.


Am I doing the best I can?


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