In all Matters of Being an Advocating Mother

In all Matters of Being an Advocating Mother

I recently came across a headline from a BlogHer syndicated post, and it broke me a little. Admittedly, I let it. I let the word midget sink into my heart and take I allowed the offense. But I have to be honest... it's hard not to do.

With the idea that dwarfism is the last disability to mock or exploit, we... parents, friends, family... have a fight ahead of us. As a parent. A writer. A human. I aim to educate about words that endanger our children and their right to be seen and heard as equals.

My child does not suffer from dwarfism, but she does have a form (called achondroplasia). She is not a midget- no one is, it was never a medical term. And there is no taking back a word that comes with such jest, negative connotation and the idea that the person is somehow lesser, magical, or sub-human. Words all have meaning... remember they are not always the first definition that come to mind, and you can be a part of a big change in the way soceity views and entire community. Now isn't that something?

Thank you to BlogHer for listening to their readers, writers, friends... thanks for listening.

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