To All The Guys Who Come Crawling Back: All I Hear Is “I Tried To Find Someone Better Than You & Failed”

To All The Guys Who Come Crawling Back: All I Hear Is “I Tried To Find Someone Better Than You & Failed”

I’m getting really tired of my exes asking me if we can give it another go. Let’s get this straight: You treated me like dirt, allowed me to end it with you, looked around for a girl who you thought would be equal to my looks, personality, intelligence, passion, and TOLERANCE FOR YOU, and were shocked when you couldn’t find said imaginary girl? And, on top of all that, you actually believed I would take you back?

I almost pity these guys. But I don’t. Because I hate them too much.

 Last month I had one of my exes message me on Facebook.

“I want to take you out on a date. It’s been a whole year and I think that it would be great…I want it to be great. If Penny and Leonard can do it, so should we. It would be nice to make up where I messed up the first time.”

I told him it was a cute Big Bang Theory reference and then declined. “Messed up the first time.” Hmm, like when you told me you were in love with me during a very vulnerable time in my life and then made me feel worthless and cry every single day? Yeah. Messing up is spelling a word wrong. White-out isn’t fixing this “mess”.

He’s not the first one to do this, either. Time and time again, guys I’ve left come crawling back, asking for a second chance. The funny part is…it’s not a second chance I’d be giving them. It’s a 52nd chance. Because I give these idiots chance after chance to redeem themselves while I'm with them, and leave when I see no more hope for the relationship. When I leave, I leave; and I don’t think they fully understand this.

Have your exes ever come crawling back?

Keep on keepin' on,


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