All Good Ideas Being With A Touch of Crazy

All Good Ideas Being With A Touch of Crazy

By now my regular readers know I'm full of wild ideas about all sorts of things.

My regular readers should also be thankful I don't share all of those ideas. They are made up of the stuff that makes heads all explodey - dangerous, I am. Not really, just odd and incomprehensible, but dangerous sounds much more mysterious and naughty, does it not?

While waiting for BlogHer to publicize their call for volunteers, which they did yesterday and  I wrote about, I was trying to think of ways that, should I be selected, I could afford to attend. Being a volunteer would mean my conference pass was covered, so I'd only be responsible for travel, accommodations and  any special meals away from the conference, since food is also covered.

In my typical fashion, I posted a status update on Facebook about volunteering:  "I'm accepting any good luck mojo that y'all want to send my way. I submitted my application to be a volunteer at the BlogHer conference in Chicago this July. I'll hear by the end of April, which is excruciatingly far away. I don't suppose anyone would like to help sponsor my trip...I'll bake you cookies or something."

I was kidding about having my friends sponsor my trip. There's no way I could accept anything but moral support. My blog isn't linked to a business of any kind, so there is no reciprocal value for them...meaning, I don't have anything to offer in return. I say this because two friends offered support - like, seriously. I really have the most wonderful friends in this or any universe. I'm truly grateful.

That being said, prior to all this, I had devised an idea for sponsorship that I thought was pretty cool. It isn't even remotely likely, but I'll share it with you anyway.

Hubbypants bought a new Ford C-Max Hybrid last month. It's a very cool little car, with buttons upon buttons that do all sorts of stuff. It's a smart car, much like our smart phones (but it isn't even remotely like one of those itty bitty little Smart Cars). These cars are relatively unknown...and idea was born.

I imagined contacting several dealerships or the big FORD giant themselves - HQ, baby - offering for them to GIVE me a car to drive from San Jose, CA all the way to BlogHer'13 in Chicago, with some stops along the way to explore this wonderfully great nation of ours. I'd dutifully track mileage, writing indepthly of the comforts and gnarly cool features of the car (maybe not use 'gnarly'), how it navigates city and highway and how it performs on long trips - because let's face it, America...gas prices are more fickle than I am, so we need a good alternative for those of us that adore a good road trip. Once I arrived at BlogHer I would talk up the car, provided it was worthy, to anyone and everyone I met. Think of the exposure FORD would get! There will be THOUSANDS of women there. We moms are not all of the mindset that we need a mini-van or giant SUV. Although, I'd consider driving a FORD Escape, because they are darn cute and I'd look bitchin' in it (I probably wouldn't use that last part in my pitch to FORD). 

I thought my idea was pretty inventive, having real potential to highlight the benefits of their cars beyond the typical daily commute and errand running. Am I right? Of course I am.

There was only one hitch...Hubbypants greatly dislikes the idea of me driving cross country on my own. I have no issue with it - I can stop where I want, when I want. I could pee at every damn Starbucks between here and Chicago! I'd stop in Wyoming to dig up dinosaurs, maybe sneak a piece into my pocket and take it with me to visit Sue at the Field Museum (you'll have to read yesterday's post to understand).  Then there are the other bloggers along the way I would visit, convincing them to write about my journey, thus spreading the word across the blogosphere!! See, FORD...all of this could be yours! 

Of course, I'm not limiting myself to FORD. If there were another car manufacturer interested in plugging their hybrid...welllll, have your people call my people and we'll work out some kind of deal. (and by "my people" I mean me).

Tell me this isn't a fantastically fabulous idea. (I'm kidding, I don't want to know if you think this idea sucks)

Alas, like many of my will likely remain a dream. Le sigh.....but I'll keep thinking and I'll share those ideas with y'all. Hold on to your heads!

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