This Ain't My First Rodeo: How Dr. Phil Got Anorexia Wrong

This Ain't My First Rodeo: How Dr. Phil Got Anorexia Wrong

I'm sure it is difficult for the family. I feel horrible for my family for what I put them through, but I know they now understand I did not do it to them out of malice. I was sick.

I thank God every day my family and friends stood by me and still love me after the hell this disease wreaked on us.

But Dr. Phil, this ain't my first rodeo.

You're doing it wrong.

My debut young adult novel is The Obvious Game, published InkSpell Publishing. The Obvious Game is based on my experience with anorexia. I'm represented by Eric Myers of The Spieler Agency.

The Obvious Game is available in paperback and ebook (all formats) online at Kobo, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, InkSpell Publishing and Indiebound. If you are a librarian and are having trouble finding my book, please write me at to purchase the book at the 40% author discount price.

Rita Arens authors Surrender Dorothy and is the editor of Sleep is for the Weak. She is BlogHer's assignment and syndication editor.

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