The Adventures of Abbey Dog Part 2: Spayed

The Adventures of Abbey Dog Part 2: Spayed

Shortly after bringing Abbey home, we made an appointment to have her spayed. The procedure was free based on an agreement from the shelter where we adopted Abbey, but the anesthesia was not.

Nice. Like I am going to send her in for surgery without pain killers. This was the first of many Veterinarian’s shenanigans that ended with me parting with more hard-earned cash than I had intended.

Abbey was terrified of the Vet. Even though this was the first time she had been there, she put on the brakes right outside the door. She did this by straightening all four legs and bracing them in front of her. We would later see this maneuver when we attempted to give her a bath. I had to pick her up to get her in the door. She was already twice the size from when we brought her home, so this wasn’t exactly easy. But I got her though the door.

I was extremely worried about leaving her. The vet assured me she would be fine, which I doubted but accepted, and left quickly. I worried throughout the day.

 My husband picked her up after the surgery. She was out of it. He brought her home and she slept all day. I came home from work around 6pm and she woke up when I came in.

She was so excited to see me that she wagged her tail and tried to drag herself to her feet to greet me. I rushed over to where she was laying and tried to get her to settle down.  She did, putting her paw on my leg as she rested. I got a little teary for my poor little dog.  But she bounced back by the next day as the Vet assured me that she would.

Years later, after my C-Sections, I would understand how uncomfortable she must have been right after the surgery. There were very few people that I would have struggled to get up to see that quickly after the surgery. It says a lot to me that my little dog tried to get up for me. 

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