'Ads' Suspended RIP

'Ads' Suspended RIP

I started featuring ads on my site because I thought it was the thing to do. I'd been blogging nearly two years and was looking to spice things up. Maybe I was missing out on something. All blogs carry ads, right? "Come on girl," I thought, "get with the program!" From everything I'd read, ads were almost expected to be on a blog--and nobody could ever get rich doing it--so I took the plunge. I followed all the tips regarding increasing one's traffic, the 'do's and don't's of featuring ads and went about my real life of cardiac nursing. I checked my "ad performance" from time to time but there never was anything out of the ordinary. I was lucky enough to find NaBlogPoMo and have my site on BlogHer so what could go wrong? It was one of those "you don't know what you don't know" situations. Today, I found out that my ads have been suspended because of 'invalid activity.' Now I'm a neurotic rule follower so when I thought that somewhere out there in AdLand I was being placed on a Most-Wanted List for something I had nothing to do with, I started to panic. Oh No! I've never been suspended before! I feel like cyber Mom and Dad sent me to my room without that $12.02 I had made in the last two months! Apparently, there's a New Sheriff in town because my banishment was swift and my appeal was denied. (gotta confess, I felt a little silly appealing 'my case' but I hadn't done anything wrong.) Judged and executed. In lieu of flowers, please send donations to.............


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