Activism for the Part-time Revolutionary: How to Make a Real Impact

We've seen the meme of Kermit the Frog typing furiously on the typewriter in response to online commentary. Has this been you when something stirs the activist in you? How do you channel your passion online and offline so that your activism has tangible impact?  This session will kick off with a look at the iconic “Love Has No Labels” campaign, with 164M views (and counting) it is the 2nd most viewed social activism video of all time. Then, you'll hear from people who are using social platforms effectively to spark conversations that bring about change, and make a measurable difference.

Attendees will learn and discuss:

  • Productive pathways to channel strong feelings, including rage, and how to determine what makes sense to post
  • Methods to make a difference, such as petitions and other calls to action to your community, and a discussion of what has really changed as a result of using such methods
  • How to determine where you allocate your support so its impact isn't diluted


Meg Rushton, VP, Brand & Communications, The Ad Council


Carolyn Gerin, strategic brander and co-founder of

Erica Mauter, candidate for the Minneapolis City Council

JJ Ramberg, MSNBC host and co-founder of Goodshop

Jamia Wilson, executive direction of Women, Action & the Media, feminist media activist, and storyteller