Abandoned Babies & Terrible Mothers: Media Coverage Bias

Abandoned Babies & Terrible Mothers: Media Coverage Bias

I also think the way that the media keeps focusing on questioning the paternity of the man who claims to be the father is troublesome. I certainly understand why they need to make sure they are giving the baby over to the right person, but the number of times it's been mentioned in print is strange to me, especially when they were quick to identify the missing woman as his mother without any such DNA proof. Finally, the man left town without his son, waiting on DNA tests. I can imagine a much softer, kinder narrative crafted around the bereaved father who comes to reclaim his son in other circumstances.

And the way that the media handles all of these things -- the way they describe the parents, what information they give, what they choose to report -- all of that shapes viewers' perceptions, viewers who then take to the comments to chastise a young, dead, almost-certainly murdered woman for being a "terrible" mother.


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