9 Ways to Celebrate the Return of 'Downton Abbey'

9 Ways to Celebrate the Return of 'Downton Abbey'

Everyone's favorite tears-in-the-crumpets Masterpiece drama, Downton Abbey, returns with the Season 4 premiere tonight -- and my, how we've missed it.

So, how will the family face the (very, very many) tragic events of last season? What hardships and hopes will the staff see next? How will the manor entire face the tumultuous Twenties? What delicious barbs will the Dowager Countess come up with (and at whom will they be aimed)? And the most important question: How do we celebrate this glorious event? Read on for some inspired ideas.

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1. Throw a Tea Party With Honey-Ginger Cream Scones

Downton Abbey Tea Party with Scones

The Noshery has the honey-ginger scone recipe and some excellent thoughts on the show.

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2. Find Your Downton Personality Type

Downton Abbey MBTI Chart

Check out the genius Downton Abbey-themed Myers-Briggs Type Indicator at Grasping for Objectivity. (I'm either an Anna or a Thomas, depending on the day -- whoa.)

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3. Create (or Buy) Some Downton-Inspired Crafts

Downton Abbey Cross Stitch

I Run In Heels rounded up a ton of great Downton DIY projects -- including this cross-stitch kit from Sheena Rogers Designs.

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4. Delight in the Fashions of Downton Abbey

Downton Abbey Fashion Exhibit
Image: PBS

Betty Confidential shares details of the upcoming fashion exhibit.

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5. Bedeck Yourself Like a Duchess

Downton Abbey Jewelry

Jewelry Fashion Tips runs down the official Downton Abbey jewelry line (nice touch with the British spelling, no?).

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6. Do Some Very Important Research…

Making Masterpiece

Reel Life With Jane reviews Making Masterpiece, a new book about the evolution of the PBS series with lots of juicy details about Downton (and Sherlock, too!)

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7. Sign Up for a Downton Abbey College Course (!)

Downton Abbey College
Image: PBS

Get the details on "The World of Downton Abbey: Revolution, Rebellion, and Re-Creation," a history course at Oakland University in Michigan (and info on the general trend of Downton-themed courses) at Betty Confidential.

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8. Make a Mrs. Patmore-Inspired Dessert

Raspberry Meringue Pudding

Bakeaholic Mama whipped up this Raspberry Meringue Pudding in honor of the season premiere.

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9. Toast the Season Premiere—It's Finally Here!

Downton Wine

When I read about the Downton Abbey wine in Deb's recent TV Fan gift guide, I knew I'd be ordering some. I don't have it for the premiere, alas, but I will definitely be opening a nice claret.

How are you celebrating the Downton Abbey season premiere tonight?


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